The Darker the better for these lovely ladies!

Black will forever be the safest colour choice in the world but everyone knows styled correctly it’s also the colour that will Kick the butt of every other colour around it.

These ladies went for the drama that black dresses has to offer them and for Emma Watson and Kirsten Dunst edged it up alot more with some skin!  

Clearly from the other 3 stunners photographed being covered up is still every bit as sexy.

Tips to transition these looks into everyday street style?

  1. Cut outs are great for the spring time! In shirts, dresses, shorts and it’s an easy DIY
  2. Fringe! gives a bohemian feel to an outfit but in black turns that boho look to biker chic.
  3. Deatailed jackets, make a statement with beaded or studded jackets.
  4. Bold lips! your ensemble might be laid back but add a punch of colour on those lips and watch your entire outfit come alive
  5. Ombre; biggest trend around so far seeing it everywhere from clothes to hair. Pastel ombres and Darker toned ombres one for day time sweet and playful the other for nightime and gives off a playful menace. 

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